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Taking a 360° view of your customer data to make the right decision at the right time. Mia is the digital foundation for all your Account Receivables needs.

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Mia helps you automate repetitive, complex processes, reduce manual effort, and significantly improve your visibility on accounts.

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The Problem – Process Inefficiency

Inefficient back office processes have an impact on, not only costs but revenue.

Caused by:

Highly Repetitive manual tasks

Multiple, disjointed legacy systems

Divide between front and back office

Inability for customers to ​self serve​

Delayed and incorrect information sent to customers​

Lack of real time decisions and reporting ​

The Solution – Automating Core Business Processes

Companies choose Mia to create process efficiencies, increasing visibility, enhance sales and drive cost savings.

Our clients have achieved:

Improved Cash Flow

Reduced cost to serve

Improve customer experience & supplier relationship

Increases productivity

Higher client and employee satisfaction

Enhanced visibility of key business metrics – enabling growth and scale

Key Features of Mia

Improve all areas of your Accounts Receivables process.

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