Risk Management

Minimise risk, maximise revenue

Mia provides automated real time trade credit and risk decisions.

Score your customers using a weighted mix of metrics such as customer payment behaviour trends, customer profiling and credit information data. Configure Mia to automate your risk decisions based upon your agreed parameters or refer them to the appropriate user when a manual approval is required. The Mia platform enables users to create, monitor, change and cancel credit from a single interface.

Automated Credit Limit Decisions

Mia can automate your trade credit decisions through the use of scorecards to facilitate sales growth

Permission Driven Risk Decisions

Mia will assign and escalate credit requests to authorised users for approval

Control & Improve Risk

Mia provides you with the insights to make data driven credit decisions

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After only 3 months we are now automating over 90% of credit risk decisions thanks to the Mia platform

Head of Risk | leading Telecommunications Organisation

Other Key Benefits Of Using Risk Management with Mia?

Control Risk Levels

Early Warning System

Credit Bureau Connectivity


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