Attract new customers and improve customer experience

Get your customers live and generating revenue quickly. Mia facilitates immediate trading, saving time, controlling risk and increasing customer satisfaction​.

Produce a memorable onboarding experience for your customers by providing them with the ability to onboard anytime, anywhere from any device. Gain visibility of the onboarding progress and escalate when required to authorise decisions. Make the optimal trade credit limit decision and link to your point of sale (POS) system to enable customers to start trading immediately.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

The Mia platform ensures that your customers can open an account with minimal fuss and begin trading.


Tailor onboarding rules to ensure that you are providing customers with the most seamless journey.

Immediate Automated Approvals

With Mia, you can link new customers to your point of sale (POS) system and send an SMS with their account code and trade credit limit so they can start to trade immediately.

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“We have made it a fast and easy onboarding journey for our customers whilst ensuring that we are compliant in our approach.”

Head of Customer Experience| leading Professional Services organisation

Other key benefits of onboarding

Real Time Notifications

Escalate Requests

Approval Parameters

Strengthen Relationships

What a BAD onboarding experience looks like

Drop In Customer Value

Reduction In Business

Poor Company Reputation

What a GOOD onboarding experience looks like

Increased Revenue

Competitive Advantage

Increased Market Share

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