Dispute Management

Prevent disputes before they happen with the right data insights

Minimise payment delays through customer disputes resolution. Mia helps you satisfy customers and protect your cash flow by resolving them faster.

With clear and accurate information about the history of the disputes in one central view, Mia helps you bring it to a quick and satisfactory conclusion. Customers know that when they raise a dispute it will be handled and resolved with the minimum of fuss.

Customer Dispute Rate Lowered

Handle disputes all in real time without the heavy lifting with the ability to automate key actions. Engage with suppliers and customers before disputes are even submitted

Reduce Dispute Days

Use Mia to respond to disputes with the right supporting documents needed to resolve cases more efficiently

Save User Admin Time

Bringing data into a single view, automated actions and a communication process gives your team the time they need to focus on more critical tasks

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“We were amazed to see how quickly a pattern emerged as to what our customers were disputing. Using Mia we have automated the resolution of this common dispute, to the satisfaction of our customers.”

Customer Service Professional | leading Retail organisation

Why use Dispute Management?

Data and Reporting

With Mia’s comprehensive data and reporting module highlighting disputed transactions, it’s easy for your team to identify and understand problems for speedy resolution

Automated Escalations

You can automate the escalation and allocation of disputes, cutting out the need for manual administration

Automated Alerts

The Mia platform informs your users when there is insufficient supporting documents for invoice approval

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