Senior Software Engineer

We are hiring senior software engineers for our Romanian Technology Office.

Located at: Odorheiu-Secuiesc in Harghita, Romania

About Invevo
At Invevo we work on cutting edge event driven trade credit automation systems.
We care about technology and about delivering an excellent experience for our users. We believe the only way to do that is to hire the best people, those who are smart, collaborative, and eager to learn.

Technical Experience
We appreciate everyone has a different background, however, in order to hit the ground running we expect a senior engineer to have experience in some of the technologies that we use within our platform.

• Event Driven Architectures
• Domain Driven Design

• DevOps Culture
• Continuous Delivery
• Functional Programming
• Pair programming

• Automation (Terraform, Security Automation, CI/CD, Pipelines as Code, etc.)
• Microservices
• Containerisation
• Event Streaming Platforms (e.g. Kafka, Kinesis)
• Event Stream Processing (e.g. Kafka Streams, Apache Flink)
• Cloud platforms

All successful hires would also need the ability to pass a technical test in an OOP or FP language. We are flexible in which language, as we are looking at fundamentals.

We offer excellent salaries for the best talent
You will be joining a collaborative and motivated engineering team
You will be able to pair with colleagues on interesting development tasks.
You will be working with modern technologies and architecture

How our hiring process works

• Just hit easy apply!
• or send your CV to our recruitment manager [email protected]
• Feel free to mention any relevant experience or interest
• We will send you back a technical test

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