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Strengthen your customer relationships whilst optimising profitability to shape and assure the revenue growth of your business.

How Mia Works

Mia uses data intelligence to manage customers and adaptable processes to stimulate business growth.

  • Data Collection
  • Data Analysis
  • Data Driven Decision Making
  • Business Process Automation
  • Continuous Quality Improvement

Data Collection

Connect your datasets and capture metrics that are not visible elsewhere. Combining customer behaviour analytics with operational data can unlock profit opportunities.

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Data Analysis

Interchange metrics to aggregate and compare data. Flexible visual reporting will help you make sense of complex data relationships.

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Data Driven Decision Making

Take the bias out of your analysis. Make decisions founded on organisation-wide and reliable evidence. Visibility beyond top-level data can identify patterns and blockers to growth.

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Business Process Automation

Configure this advanced state change engine to recognise and act on key data events. Adaptable automated processes remove wastage and contribute to sustainable growth.

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Continuous Quality Improvement

Review new recommendations to further refine your actions. Information learned in experience will sharpen skillset and reduce risk.

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How Mia Does It

Cutting edge technology powers Mia’s incisive ability to build algorithms and deliver actionable business insight.



Integral APIs are in Mia’s core. She pushes and pulls data constantly from CRM, ERP, credit reference agencies and all your other sources to keep every aspect of your information current.


Data Warehouse

Mia’s custom data warehouse stores every action and outcome for evaluation without slowing down processes. Expandable and secure cloud storage means data is accessible anytime, anywhere.


Score Card Engine

One meaningful score allows Mia to compare customers and users for clearer decision making. Mia uses rules and calculations to group multiple datasets so complex data becomes actionable in context.


State Change Engine

When information is updated, Mia takes notice. Changes that prompt a decision or action will be triggered automatically. By acting on evolving algorithms, Mia consistently optimises your cash management cycle.


User Interface

Intuitively designed dashboards, task lists, account management tools and communications are only ever one click away. Mia lets users work efficiently and easily on core tasks from a single interface.



Mia transforms mass data into focused insight. Accurate user and customer performance information can be viewed in custom formats. Mia provides a robust and reliable foundation for financial planning.

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